Mindful people pay attention to all their senses, feel secure in these places and in such moments, and abandon themselves to the moment effortlessly and with a clear conscience.

The restaurant

Whether in the restaurant or on our terraces, you’ll be surrounded by beauty, fine esthetics and outstanding quality.

Refreshing drinks

What would summer be without a refreshing drink? Or an evening without good wine or a breathtaking sunset without a Sundowner?

Indulge yourself

Our exquisite multi-course dinners make the evenings on the beach an unforgettable experience.

Exclusive beach club

Enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea from front-row seats in Palma.

Sacred sight

She appears to watch over Palma and Palmas Beach throughout the day. She enchants viewers no matter what time of day or night. La Seu

A beautiful summer can begin

There are places to which we are drawn as if by magic, where we go as often as we can. They give us pause from our everyday cares.

Lunch Menu KW7

Also this week, the chef has created a delicious Lunch Menu for you.

from Monday 10.02. to Friday 14.02 –  12 am to 4 pm

(Until april)



First course

Cream of carrot with coconut and ginger


Thai beef salad with peanuts and bean sprouts


Main course

Chicken curry with basmati rice Hindu style


Grilled salmon fillet with peas and saffron potatoes


Penne with rocket al’arrabiatta


Risotto ” Venere ” with artichokes, asparagus and prawns



Creme brulee


Carrot cake with pistachio ice cream



Glass of wine or beer

Water with or without gas

€ 19.50 per person
Tax included



If you still do not know this particular place, then we want to make you more ”appetite” for visiting us with this brief description of the Luxury Guide from Mallorca Label:


The Nassau Beach is one of the most renowned chill out bars in Mallorca: enjoy a chill out right on the beach… one of the best chill out in the Palma Bay.

Feel the elements, Water: Smooth waves, Earth: A well kept beach, Air: A cool smooth breeze running through your skin, Fire: Sunset right behind Palma´s Cathedral. Nassau Beach Palma offers a specialized cuisine to be enjoyed as an unforgettable 700m private beach experience; right in front of a Gothic Cathedral, Mallorca at it´s very best. Come and visit us for dinner or our legendary parties, nightlife is unrestricted. Take advantage of our on-line and telephone booking services to make sure to get a table for the spectacular sunsets. Nassau Beach Emotions- that´s how our style in design is called created specially for the famous and completely renewed Nassau Beach Club. Only since spring 2011 it was situated in Portixol, the interactive zone of the island near Palma, the capital, operated by Günther Aloys, an Ischgl Hotel Entrepreneur. A carefully chosen decoration inside the restaurant bar, terrace and incomparable location is the perfect combination of modern and discrete elements.

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