Mindful people pay attention to all their senses, feel secure in these places and in such moments, and abandon themselves to the moment effortlessly and with a clear conscience.

The restaurant

Whether in the restaurant or on our terraces, you’ll be surrounded by beauty, fine esthetics and outstanding quality.

Refreshing drinks

What would summer be without a refreshing drink? Or an evening without good wine or a breathtaking sunset without a Sundowner?

Indulge yourself

Our exquisite multi-course dinners make the evenings on the beach an unforgettable experience.

Exclusive beach club

Enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea from front-row seats in Palma.

Sacred sight

She appears to watch over Palma and Palmas Beach throughout the day. She enchants viewers no matter what time of day or night. La Seu

A beautiful summer can begin

There are places to which we are drawn as if by magic, where we go as often as we can. They give us pause from our everyday cares.


! Please note that we can accept reservations for today only phone: +34 664 449 053 !

And if you have problems using our mobile App on your device please reserve by phone as well.
Thank you so much.


Your online reservation

Wherever you happen to be in the world: Please reserve your table up to two days in advance. Simply fill out the form on the right.

Within short time you will get a reply mail from us.

For technical reasons, we ask for your understanding that only requests may be accepted, which were sent in advance of the desired reservation date. We look forward to meeting you!

Please send any further booking-requests to reservierung@nassaubeach-palma.com.

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