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Nassau Emotion is the style designed exdusively for the well-known and completely remodeled Nassau Beachclub.

The meticulously selected interior of the restaurant with its bar, lounge and terrace, all highly exposed, is distinguished by the combination of restrained and modern elements. The predominant materials wood, leather and glass form the eye- catching pillars of the redesigned venue on the beach. Whether our guests linger on the terrace or are seated in the restaurant endosed by huge panorama windows, Nassau Beach Palma offers a beautiful view of the ocean, the sandy beach and the cathedral high above.

In 2011 this Island hotspot, located in Portixol, was taken over by the Ischgl hotelier Günther Aloys and is now operated by manager Jacqueline Maelzer and his team.


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Key team members

Jacqueline Maelzer


Aloys Günther