Mindful people pay attention to all their senses, feel secure in these places and in such moments, and abandon themselves to the moment effortlessly and with a clear conscience.

The restaurant

Whether in the restaurant or on our terraces, you’ll be surrounded by beauty, fine esthetics and outstanding quality.

Refreshing drinks

What would summer be without a refreshing drink? Or an evening without good wine or a breathtaking sunset without a Sundowner?

Indulge yourself

Our exquisite multi-course dinners make the evenings on the beach an unforgettable experience.

Exclusive beach club

Enjoy the beach, the sun and the sea from front-row seats in Palma.

Sacred sight

She appears to watch over Palma and Palmas Beach throughout the day. She enchants viewers no matter what time of day or night. La Seu

A beautiful summer can begin

There are places to which we are drawn as if by magic, where we go as often as we can. They give us pause from our everyday cares.


14,50€ Falafel Kichererbsen-Falafel mit Tzaziki und Piquillo-Paprikacreme

16,50€ Feta-Käse Feta-Käse angewärmt mit Zwiebeln, Auberginen an Thymian und Tomatenmarmelade mit Ingwer 16,00€ Burrata Burrata mit Kumato-Tomaten und Pinienkernöl 17,00€ Kalbscarpaccio Kalbscarpaccio mit Champagneressig-Dressing, knusprigen Kartoffeln und sardischem Pecorino-Käse 17,00€ Salat nach thailändischer Salat nach thailändischer Art mit Sprossen, Kopfsalat und sautierten Rinderfiletspitzen 18,00€ Tartar vom Lachs Tartar vom Lachs und vom roten Thunfisch mit Wasabi-Avocado-Creme 19,00€ Gemischter Salat Gemischter Salat mit gebratenen Garnelen, knusprigem Speck und Vinaigrette aus mallorquinischen Oliven 28,00€ Iberischer Schwarzfuss Schinken Iberischer Schwarzfuss Schinken mit Pam'b Oli

--,--€ Suppe des Tages Suppe des Tages 14,50€ Chickpea falafel Chickpea falafel with tzaziki and cream of piquillo peppers

16,50€ feta cheese Lightly-melted feta cheese with onion, aubergines with thyme and tomato chutney with ginger 16,00€ Burrata Burrata cheese with kumato tomatoes and pine nut oil 17,00€ Beef carpaccio Beef carpaccio with champagne vinegar dressing, crunchy potatoes and pecorino sardo cheese 17,00€ Thai salad Thai salad with bean sprouts, lettuce and sautéed ox tenderloin tips 18,00€ Salmon and tuna tartar Salmon and tuna tartar with cream of wasabi and avocado 19,00€ Mixed salad Mixed salad with Mallorcan olive vinaigrette, grilled king prawns and crispy streaky bacon 28,00€ Iberico acorn ham Iberico acorn ham with Pam'b Oli

--,--€ Soup of the day Soup of the day 14,50€ Falafel Falafel de garbanzos acompañados de tzaziki y crema de pimientos de piquillo

16,50€ Queso feta Queso feta templado con cebolla ,berenjenas al tomillo y mermelada de tomate con jengibre 16,00€ Burrata Burrata con tomates kumato y aceite de piñones 17,00€ Carpaccio de Ternera Carpaccio de Ternera con aderezo de vinagre de champagne, crujiente de patatas y pecorino sardo 17,00€ Ensalada al estilo tailandés Ensalada al estilo tailandés con brotes, lechugas y puntas de solomillo de buey salteadas 18,00€ Duo de Tártaros Duo de Tártaros, salmón y atún rojo con crema de wasabi y aguacate 19,00€ Ensalada mixta Ensalada mixta con vinagreta de aceitunas mallorquinas, langostinos a la plancha y crocante de panceta 28,00€ Jamón Ibérico Jamón Ibérico Bellota de Jabugo

--,--€ Sopa del día Sopa del día

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